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Information from the Health Funds, Insurers or Government agencies about their latest fee or rebate schedules which are used in the SPM/PHM applications, is on this page.  It is kept updated as the fee schedules become available to us.

Last updated: 5 May 2020

Medicare and Health Funds
Last updated: 1 July 2020

Last updated:


July 2020


May 2020


May 2020


July 2020


May 2020

Cessnock DHBF

May 2020


May 2020


Mar 2020


Mar 2020

GU Health

Apr 2020


May 2020


May 2020


Mar 2020


May 2020

Medibank Private

May 2020

Mildura DHF

May 2020


Mar 2020

St. Luke

May 2020


Apr 2020


Dec 2019


Jan 2020

WC - Qld

May 2020

WC - Vic

Apr 2020



Medicare +120%

July 2020

Medicare +125%

July 2020

Outlook can cause focus issue.

Check the setting 'Enable Live Preview'.  If this is enabled, disable it.  You can find the setting in File - Options - General.

If you are wanting to check your internet speed we have found the following website to be very useful.

It is a requirement for the Medicare Online adapter to function that Java version 6.0 is installed on the workstation or server that the claiming is being performed from.

Click on this link to go to the Java site and go to the latest 'Java SE Runtime Environment' section and download the relevant edition for your operating system.  


If you receive this message, do not remove or update your versions of Java if you either use Medicare Online (Australia) or upload files to ACC (New Zealand) as both of these applications require Java.  Click on the 'X' to close this screen.

Java Update

From your Windows task bar, right mouse click on the Java icon,

Windows task bar

And then select Cancel.

Cancel Java update

SPM/PHM will list the printers that you have available to your Windows profile.

If a printer is not appearing in the list or has previously been used with SPM/PHM but a message is saying that it is no longer available, try to following steps first:

  • Ensure the printer is turned on or that the workstation that the printer is plugged into is turned on.
  • Check there is paper in the trays as the printer may of taken itself 'off-line'.
  • At the Windows level, select the printer and do a 'Test Print'.  If this isn't successful, contact your hardware technician, as the Incisive application will not be able to print if you can't do a test print.
  • Log out and restart your workstation to make sure that your Windows login is successfully finding and connecting to the printers installed for your profile.

All of a sudden RDC will take this pop up window and resize it automatically, slowly expanding the entire screen, then moving to the left.  Then it will disappear, assuming it got too big to fit on the screen.  Another even weirder thing is on another window it seems to snap to the top of the screen then moves to the left... After awhile it reappears on the other side of the screen still moving to the left.  I was able to replicate this on multiple Mac computers using OSX 10.10.5 and the latest Remote Desktop Client for mac. 

There is a new RDP app for iOS which may fix the window 'tracking' problem on an Apple Mac:









Most computers are now configured to automatically install Windows updates and this update process can cause the Specialist Practice Manager or the Private Hospital Manager to   not start up correctly.  


After you have tried to start the application you may receive error messages saying 'Automation Error' or 'Object Not Found' or similar.


  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Log onto your computer using a login that has Administrator rights (you may need to ask your technician or even get them to do the following process)
  3. If you have an Incisive folder on your Desktop, open it and look for a shortcut called something like 'Register Program Files'.  If there is one right-mouse-click on the shortcut and choose 'Run As Administrator'.
    This will cause a black window to appear and it will register all the programs in the Incisive program directory.
    You can start SPM or PHM up again once it has completed.
  4. If you do not have an option to register the program files you will need to do the following
    1. Click on the Start button
    2. Type in the word RUN and then select the Run app from the search results
    3. In the Run option type in the following:
      C:\spmwin\registerspm.bat      then press the Enter key
    4. A black window will appear and the files will register automatically.
      You can start SPM or PHM after it has finished.

If these options do not correct the problem please contact the Incisive Helpdesk or your technician.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding when it is commercially beneficial for you to transfer your payments from the PAYG (Pay As You Go) option to the Perpetual option, which has a one-off license payment and then fixed, monthly payments for on-going support services & future software maintenance.

The best calculation model could be to use the Equivalent Annual Cost method.

Using the following fees, cost of capital, a nominal 'lifetime' and monthly fees of $200 


The Equivalent Annual Cost would be:


Use the EAC to compare with your PAYG charges (remember to allow for GST).

The 'Expected Lifetime' value is a bit of an anomaly as there is no future capital reinvestment required for the Perpetual license.
If you extend the Expected Lifetime out to 5 or 10 years the following EAC values are calculated:
    EAC at 5 years =   $3439
    EAC at 10 years = $2982
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