Can't connect to Incisive inCLOUD from Windows11 - just hangs
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 10 October 2022 09:20 AM

Microsoft have finally admitted a bug when connecting from Win11 22H2 to a Remote Desktop or RemoteApp server (Incisive inCLOUD) but haven't yet provided a fix.

However, the IT community have found that you can:

  1. Roll-back the 22H2 update, or;
  2. Make a Registry change to disable UDP protocol, or;
  3. Copy a couple of files from an 22H1 edition of Windows, which will resurrect the functionality again with 22H2. 

The roll-back to 22H1 will be the safest option, but you will also need to disable automatic updates.

The Registry change will disable the ability to use the UDP protocol to connect to the remote server, which means it must use the TCP protocol.  The major issue with the Registry change is that you will need to reverse it when Microsoft do finally provide a patch.  Only a technician should make the registry change.

The third option is to get a copy of the mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll files from a version of Windows 11 prior to the recent 22H2 update and copy these into the System32 and Syswow64 directories of your computer.  One firm has even gone so far to provide a patch, which will get the correct mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll files from Microsoft and apply them to the PC.  We have already run the patch and it does work.  We don't, however, know the firm providing it and therefore can't vouch for its integrity.  You need to consider the risks for yourself if you choose to run their patch.  Ideally, you should have an IT technician apply the patch.

If you are happy to use the patch from you can get the fix file from and run it, using the elevated Administrator level option.  There is a lot of text produced on the screen, but this is just telling you exactly what it is doing.

The following link just includes some more community chatter about the problem