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Latest Updates
Send an electronic COVID questionnaire to the patient.
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 05 October 2021 10:39 AM

The inFORM application is usually used as for online patient registration but it can also be used in a number of different ways to send an electronic COVID questionnaire to the patient and then receive their answers, which will appear in their notes.

  1. Include the questionnaire with your online registration form (this link shows NZ questions)

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Medicare & Health Fund fee schedule update - 19 August 2021
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 19 August 2021 02:44 PM

Medicare & Health Funds have updated schedules

Medicare have provided an updated schedule of benefits for August.  Medibank & AHM also provided their updated Gap Cover schedule which can be used for services provided from 16th August. NIB & GU Health have provided their final schedule which is no longer provisional.   These

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Continuity of support services from Incisive during COVID-19 lock-down
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 19 August 2021 09:35 AM
 Continuity of support services during COVID-19 lock-down

As has been directed by the Government of New Zealand, the whole country is in lock-down for a minimum of three days.

This means that our office will not be physically staffed during this period, however the usual support services will still be

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Medicare & Health Fund fee schedule updates - 20th July 2021
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 20 July 2021 07:33 AM

DVA have published their schedule of benefits.  Most of the health funds, except NIB, have also made their fee schedules available.   A list of the Health Funds that are available to use in the Incisive application, with the date of their latest fee schedule, is available from this link.

Incisive are not permitted to

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Maternity Services NZ - Section 88 schedule of fees
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 14 July 2021 05:28 PM

The Obstetric and Maternity services claiming function within SPM now has available the latest schedule of fees (1st July 2021).

Please contact the Incisive Helpdesk if you would like to have the updated file made available to the SPM application you are using.

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Training video showing how to add Medicare items for invoicing and quoting
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 09 July 2021 12:27 PM

To easily add new invoicing codes that match with the relevant Medicare items you can use the 'Make Codes' function.

A new Knowledgebase article has been added which includes a short video demonstrating the steps involved.

In a large specialist centre each secretary is able to import the range of items that are relevant to their sub-specialty.

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