RemoteApp on Apple MacBook or iPad
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 03 August 2022 05:27 PM
  1. Install the 'Microsoft Remote Desktop' app from the App Store
    Click here 

    If the MacOS is 10.12 or older the Remote Desktop app in the App Store won't install as it needs MacOS 10.13 or newer.

  2. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from LaunchPad or MenuBar

  3. Select the Add Workspace and enter the following URL into the Workspace field.

     Workspace URL:

  4. Add a User Account if it is always the same person who will be using this computer, or leave it as 'Ask when required' if different people use it.

  5. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop  and select 'Specialist Practice Manager' or 'Private Hospital Manager'

  6. For security reasons, the 'Multi-Factor Authentication' function will prompt you to either 'Approve' the connection or to enter in a Passcode from your Authpoint app or Watchguard hardware dongle.
    See Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - Watchguard Authpoint

  7. When the Incisive application appears, enter your login details, password and location.

If you minimise the Incisive application you will be able to display it again by selecting the >< icon in the top title bar 

Printing & Scanning settings

To improve the process of printing from the Incisive inCLOUD applications or scanning documents to attach to a patient's file, two applications called TSPrint & TSScan can be installed and configured.
See Installing TSPrint and TSScan client applications

Advanced configuration

Use the Preferences option to:

  • Configure the Interpolation (Resolution)
  • Add a User account
  • Add the path for TSPrint & TSScan

Choose the Interpolation setting

Add a User Account