Trouble-shooting installation problems
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 03 August 2018 10:52 AM

Unexpected error - quitting

Occurs before the login screen appears.

The only issue with Windows 10 relates to the requirement to use the 'Run-As-Administrator' option when you are first running SPM/PHM on a workstation for the first time.  The elevated privileges of the 'Run-As' option are required to allow files to be written into the Windows Registry.

If you get any errors when you do first try running SPM/PHM, exit out then start the SPM/PHM application again using the Run-As-Administrator option.

Error - StartSpmData - not a valid Win32 application

Occurs after the login screen.  Loads the application but no menu appears

If the SPM or PHM application has been reinstalled AND the install directory has a long name (greater than 8 characters) it will create a file called PROGRA in the root of the drive.

Delete the PROGRA file and SPM or PHM will start correctly

SPM/PHM on workstation is running slow but on server is fast

There are a number of things to check
  - Virus checker software on the workstation excludes the SPM/PHM install directory
  - The workstation is connecting over a wireless network rather than ethernet cable
  - The IPv6 protocol is enabled on the server (and workstation) but the network/router is not fully configured to use it.  Disable the IPv6 protocol on the network adapters.  (this can make a significant improvement)
  - The compatibility of the SQL database is different to the version of the SQL Server.  Change the Compatibility of each of the databases in Properties > Options  (SQL Mgt Studio)