Scanning on MacOS - insufficient permissions to run application
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 16 August 2021 04:45 PM


If scanner drivers have not been downloaded from the Apple App Store or are from 'identified Developers', they will not be verified by Apple and the MacOS may restrict their ability to run.

If you are experiencing messages saying that the driver may be malware and to report it to Apple; doesn't have permission to run; or is from an unidentified developer,  then it is likely that the driver will not work properly.


Temporarily configure GateKeeper to allow applications from 'Anywhere' to be installed.

  1. Log in as the root Administrator
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Type:   $ sudo spctl --master-disable
  4. When the 'key' appears type in the Administrator password and press enter.

'Anywhere' will now appear as an option in 'Security & Privacy'

When the driver has been installed and is working, remove the 'Anywhere' option by running the following command in Terminal  

$ sudo spctl --master-enable