Microsoft365 Managed Authentication for importing emails
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 23 January 2023 05:52 PM

Microsoft now requires third-party applications, that want to import emails from a Microsoft 365 (Office 365) IMAP service, to use an access token for authenticated connection requests. Basic Authentication, which uses a Username and Password, is no longer supported by Microsoft.  The Incisive application will automatically recognise whether the Microsoft account is configured to only allow ‘Managed Authentication’ connections.

You need to register the Incisive application in your Azure Active Directory tenancy, that hosts your Exchange Online and grant it permissions. The AppID and Secret Value, of the app you register, are required for SPM/PHM to access the Microsoft 365 account.

The steps required are:

  • Register the ‘Message Centre’ as an App

  • Assign Users & Groups to the App

  • Assign Permissions to the App

  • Create a Secret

  • Enter the App ID and Secret into the Incisive program

Detailed instructions to configure the Azure portal are available from: