It is a requirement for the Medicare Online adapter to function that Java version 6.0 is installed on the workstation or server that the claiming is being performed from. Click on this link to go to the Java site [ [
Release 406 automatically includes a comma after the salutation for the doctor. If sites have added a comma after the salutation, they will get two. The following query will remove these from the database entry:
Where a practice has set up faxing and wishes to bulk change the preferences in the Doctor table, i.e. turn off letters as the preferred method where fax is also selected: UPDATE Doctors SET PreferLetter = 0 WHERE PreferFax IN (1,-1)
After a data conversion, 'Dear' was included in the Salutation field in the Doctors table. The following query will remove it: UPDATE Doctors SET Salutation = substring(salutation, 6, len(salutation)-5) WHERE salutation like 'Dear %'
If when trying to add new entries (or delete) a tree in the Clinical Audit, on trying to save the changes, if a message appears 'Something is wrong' the following query should not return any records if things in clinical audit code tree setup are correct....
Outlook can cause focus issue. Check the setting 'Enable Live Preview'. If this is enabled, disable it. You can find the setting in File - Options - General.
If a computer is unable to verify any patients, check the (SPM) HIC Log file. To do this, either go to HIC Log Files in the Utilities Menu of SPM (Classic) and run the SPM HIC Logs, or look in the spm.ini file to get the location of the shared database:...
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