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Extension of waiver for non-NZePS signature exempt prescriptions - NZ
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 16 June 2021 11:39 AM

Incisive have recently received advice from the New Zealand Ministry of Health that the waiver for non-NZePS signature exempt prescriptions has been extended through to September 20th 2021.  The Ministry advise that they will publish this information on their website shortly.  You can contact their helpdesk at 

This means that you are permitted to email prescriptions to pharmacies if the criteria specified by the Ministry of Health is met. 

Two of the key criteria are that TLS encryption is used to send the email and that the prescription includes the text This Prescription meets the requirement of the Director-General of Health’s waiver of March 2020 for prescriptions not signed personally by a prescriber with their usual signature.  

If you require further information on how to configure the Incisive application the following Knowledgebase article is available: