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Changes to the Privacy Act 2020 - updating your registration form - NZ
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 27 November 2020 04:12 PM

Changes to Privacy Act 2020

Changes to the Privacy Act 2020 in New Zealand are due to come in force on the 1st December.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has published a update to the Health Information Privacy Code 2020 which is available from

They have also provided an Information Paper on the changes to the HIPC 2020

If you are using the standard Registration form that is printed from SPM you may want to instead build and use a registration form that can be customised to better meet the requirements of your practice. 

To help you, we have uploaded a Word document with a basic Registration Form example which you can Copy 'n Paste into a new Form Letter in Setup > Templates > Forms > Form Letters.    Get the file from this link

To start using the new form instead of the standard registration form, just check the 'Is Registration' option on at the top of the template.  You will then be able to print the Registration Form the same as you have done previously using the Print button on the Registration tab.

We have included some text that you might want to use for your Privacy Statement and also Authorisation to collect and store information, but you must review this yourself before making it available to patients.  You can also add your own Terms & Conditions text or add/remove fields from the registration form

If you would like more information about the custom Registration form go to Help > SPM Help then navigate to Setup > Templates > Forms > Customised Registration Forms. 

If you also use the inFORM application (online registration form) you will also need to make changes to the information referenced in the Privacy Policy section of your form.  To do this you can use the Admin function by going to a browser and entering in the following URL for your online form and replacing the <yourname> section in it with the text that you use in the forms that you send out.<yourname>/admin.aspx