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Emailing Prescriptions
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 02 April 2020 04:43 PM

This article provides you with a short-term work-around to allow you to email prescriptions from SPM, while the full electronic prescribing module is completed and approved for integration with the Connected Health network.  As we only provide software for specialists we were not included in correspondence to GP software providers relating to the Electronic Prescription Service.

As you may be aware, the Ministry of Health has provided a temporary exemption to allow doctors to email unsigned prescriptions to a pharmacy, for the duration of the Epidemic Preparedness (Covid-19) Notice 2020.

To meet the requirements specified in the above document you need to ensure that you are sending emails using an acceptable Secure Messaging method. Essentially it is the requirement to make sure that the emails sent are encrypted using the TLS 1.2 (or newer) protocol.

For instructions on how to check your email settings in SPM and also how to configure SPM to email the prescriptions, click on the following link.

If you have any questions about this process please send your query to