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Changes to HBF's provider agreements effective 1 October 2023
Posted by Jane Hughes on 03 July 2024 09:27 AM

Just a reminder, that on 1 October 2023, HBF’s provider agreements changed.

The HBF published fee schedule from this date, now only applies to WA.  All other states are to use the Access Gap Cover Schedule from AHSA for their state.

For all states other than WA, please ensure that you have configured HBF to use the AHSA Access Gap Cover schedule.

  1. Check the entry for the fund via Setup – Contacts – Health Funds.
  2. Edit the entry for HBF.
  3. Select Policy Names.
  4. Check that this is linked to an AHSA Gap Cover Schedule.

  5. If not, select Edit and select the correct entry from the drop down list for Gap Cover Schedules before saving.