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Maternity Agreement Numbers - Ministry of Health notification
Posted by Jane Hughes on 26 November 2021 02:04 PM

Obstetric practices are receiving notification from the Ministry of Health that agreement numbers, where previously issued to a company or group practice will no longer be valid for claiming from 29 November 2021.

If you have been issued with individual agreement numbers, these can be added via Setup - Provider - Config 3 - Edit.

Please note that you should not need to change the Health Funding Contract Number, nor Health Benefits Payee Number unless you have been notified that these have also changed.

You will need to create a new registration for each patient currently registered (under the old Agreement Number) that you are still to claim services for.  This can be done via Patient - Maternity/Obst.  This should only be done once you have changed the Agreement Number(s) to the new one(s) issued.

It is our understanding from the Ministry, that patients already in the system can continue to be claimed for using the existing Maternity Benefits - Section 88 claiming.

We are working on implementing the new changes, but, as you can appreciate, with very little time given to implement the changes, the 29 November 2021 rollout target date will not be met. 

All new registrations and claims will need to be put on hold until you receive an update that implements the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2021.

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