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Sending a COVID questionnaire with appointment reminders
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 08 October 2021 02:02 PM

A COVID19 screening questionnaire is able to be sent to the patient on an ad-hoc basis or automatically included with the SMS reminders that are sent just prior to their appointment. The patient can complete them on their phone and their reply is delivered back to you then imported and displayed in the patient's Notes. 

This does require the Incisive inFORM application to present the questionnaire to the patient and manage the delivery of their answers back to you.

Use the camera or QR reader on your phone to scan these QR codes so you can see how the standard questionnaires appear for the patient.

New Zealand

Victoria (Aus.)


You can have a custom questionnaire if you prefer to ask alternative questions.

A Knowledgebase article is available with information on how to configure the SMS reminder message and also the process of getting it delivered to you and displayed in the patient's Notes, by clicking on the following link:  If you don't already have a login for the Incisive support site, create one and add it to your Bookmarks or Favourites as there many useful articles to help with your use of the Incisive applications.

For further information about using the inFORM application for your online patient registrations, health questionnaires or feedback surveys, send a request to

If you are an Incisive inCLOUD client you will already have access to this application as part of the suite of products available to you.