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Many clients are receiving an email from Services Australis regarding the PKI Certificates expiring.

Please note that the Incisive application no longer requires a PKI Certificate for online claiming.  We therefore do not require this. 

If you use the certificate for any other purpose, please refer to the email sent from Services Australia.

The Incisive application now utilizes the PRODA account of for online claims.

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Serious Performance issues from Medicare
Posted by Jane Hughes on 25 July 2023 10:59 AM have just made us aware that there appears to be a major issue with the Medicare Webservices API.

Items that are currently failing at above normal acceptable levels are:

Bulk Bill claims
Rebate Medicare claims
Patient verifications (all types)

This list may not be exhaustive. 

At this time it appears the issue is a pure rejection of calls being made, a generic "error" response in the return payload, no pattern has been identified at this time. are going to attempt to get an

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Medicare and Health Funds fee schedules - updated 1 July 2023
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 04 July 2023 04:13 PM

Medicare and some of the Health Funds have updated their schedules since 1 July 2023.

A list of the Health Funds that are available to use in the Incisive application, with the date of their latest fee schedule, is available from this link.  The list of Medicare items that have been added or modified is available from this link.

Importing the latest Medicare and Health Fund fee schedules is performed in Utilities > Import > Health Fund rates.

Note that importing the Medicare & Health Fund

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ACC fee changes - 1st July 2023
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 29 June 2023 03:23 PM
Elective Surgery

Elective Surgery Services variation goes live on 1 July 2023. ACC have not informed us of the specific increase, however our calculations indicate the prices have increased by 5.13%.  We have asked ACC to confirm this but have not yet received a reply.  You should confirm this rate before making changes using the percentage update option.

Unless you hold an Elective Surgery Contract, changes to the pricing for surgical procedures will be notified to you via your

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Medicare response times: Possible drop in performance
Posted by Jane Hughes on 14 March 2023 02:45 PM

We have been advised of the following by

Note: Performance appears to be restored.

Please note Webservices has no official statements on any event. We have been in verbal contact with Webservice contacts who have confirmed there is an outage event but there is no email or official statement so any notification we tell you is based on our monitoring and what we can ask developer contacts.

At this time it appears that we are no longer seeing 'no response' events from Webservices which

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