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Windows Print Spooler vulnerability - patch now
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 08 July 2021 04:31 PM

Microsoft releases emergency Windows patch to fix critical bug

Microsoft have released an alert for a critical vulnerability in all versions of the Windows Operating System.

It is very important that you have all your laptops, workstations and servers patched as soon as possible as the function that allows printing from your computer can be accessed and allow malware to be executed on your computer system, which potentially may include ransomware.

If you are not sure whether your computers are fully patched you should contact your IT technicians or use the following guides to provide information on how to do the checking yourself.

As well as the computers at your practice or hospital you should also be updating your computers at home.

The Incisive inCLOUD service is already protected however the workstations and laptops that have Windows and are used to connect to Incisive inCLOUD, should also be checked and patched if necessary.

If you are wanting to search for further information on the vulnerability use the code CVE-2021-34527 in your search criteria.