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If the password for the inTOUCH phone app needs to be set or reset this can be performed by the user from the inTOUCH login screen.

There is a 'Forgot Password?' hyperlink under the 'Sign In' button which will cause an email to be sent to their email address and it will have a 'Reset' option within it.  

Forgot Password image

The new password must be completed within 60 minutes of the reset link being used or the option will expire.

If you need to kill the app completely you can follow these steps Reset inTOUCH app

Admin functions are available on admin.aspx

  1. Access the page using the inFORM site name then add /admin.aspx
  2. Enter today's security code (from Incisive Helpdesk)
  3. Select the file you want to edit.  Usually this will be 'View Settings'.
  4. Make the changes you require .e.g show/hide the COVID question by changing the value to yes or no
  5. Click on the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom

If the Address File - Correspondence screen minimises on starting up, this has been caused by the screen having been minimised and then exited.  Maximising the screen and then exiting does not resolve the problem.

The start up settings are stored in the Workstation 'ini' file (in the shared data directory).

Edit the 'ini' file and in the [StartupPositions] segment, remove the entries for 'Setup_Address' entries.

They will recreate themselves when you open up the Correspondence tab.



If you are unable to log into the inTOUCH app you can try the following options.  

Most likely solutions:

  • email address used to login doesn't exactly match the Operator's email in SPM/PHM
    The email address used for the login must be the same as the one that was registered for inTOUCH and it must also exactly match the address entered into the 'Email' field for the Operator in Setup > Personnel > Operator.  

  • password is incorrect
    You can reset the password following the steps in this article

Other solutions:

  • digital certificate bound to the site has expired
    If the digital certificate that is bound to the inTOUCH web site has expired, it will not allow the app to access it.  Find the URL that is being used by the app and try to access it from a browser.  If the certificate has expired the browser will show a warning and you can click on the padlock in the URL to view the properties of the certificate.  Renew the digital certificate.  This needs to be done annually.

  • unable to get external access to port 445
    Access to Port 445 is required by the inTOUCH app to authenticate the login.

  • connection configuration is incorrect
    Contact the Incisive Helpdesk who can investigate the Config section

  • inTOUCH licence has expired
    Contact the Incisive Helpdesk

If the cursor is spinning continuously you can stop it by quitting the inTOUCH app


  • When an appointment is made in SPM, details are (usually) written to a .TRA file in the data directory.
  • If a new patient is created in the appointment book as part of a new appointment, this is also written to the file.
  • This can be disabled by setting SpmSystem.ssy_DisableAppointLogfile to a non-zero value.
  • The log file will be named by year, e.g. “Audit 2019.tra”.
  • The log file is a very simple (crude) format, just dumping the field values in the Spm.Appoint (and/or Spm.Patient) table.
  • Only the key tables are recorded, so no ‘contacts’, ‘operation details’, etc.
  • If two operators create appointments simultaneously, the logfile *should* be written with both entries.

The utility FromAudit.exe is an old and *very* crude tool to dump information from the logfile.

Report Changed Data

  • This program can be run from any directory.
  • Settings are persisted to FromAudit.ini.
  • Only a few of the buttons can be expected to work without changes to the source code.
  • Only the 25 Sep 2019 compile, or later, can work with sql server databases!
  • Enter DSN, login, password from spm.ini. Password can’t be obfuscated.
  • Click [Set] to point the program to the audit file.
  • Note that the *.trc files are similar logfiles created when patients are consolidated.
  • Ignore ‘User to Report’.
  • The program requires both a date range for when appointments where ENTERED, and also

a date range for the DATE of the appointment.

  • Click [Open Database]
  • Click [Appointments]
  • This will create a printed report and also a csv “Appointment_Audit.csv”

change logon /disable

change logon /enable