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There are several options you can use to upload or attach images to a patient.

Patient module

  1. In the patient's record go to the Images tab, select Source > Browse
  2. Navigate to the directory where the images are then select one and click OK
  3. From the display of images in the directory, choose the ones you want to save to the patient by clicking on the images and press F6 to tag it.  Do this with all the images for this patient.  A number will appear in the top left
  4. Click on Assign button in the toolbar to move them to the patient.

Utilities module

  1. Go to Utilities > Image Allocate
  2. Select the Browse button and navigate to the directory where the images are.
  3. Right click on an image and choose 'Allocate to...'
  4. Then select the patient you are allocating the image to.  Their name will then appear on the image.
  5. When you have completed the allocation for the images click on the Allocate button at the bottom

Message Centre

If you make frequent use of the Message Centre you can also configure it to display and allocate images that will appear in the 'Ext' tab.  The path to the source directory can be set for you in Setup > Personnel > Operator > Messaging Options. 

When the images are displayed you just use the 'Save' button to transfer them to the patient.

inTOUCH app

Use the inTOUCH app to take photos of the patient, which are automatically uploaded them from your phone/tablet.  They can then be downloaded and attached to the patient's record.  For privacy reasons, no photos are stored or saved to the phone's photo album.

If the 'Auto-import inTOUCH images' option is checked ON for the Operator in Setup > Personnel > Operator > Messaging Options, then the photos can be automatically downloaded and attached to the patient's record.  For this to occur the following requirements are necessary:

  • The Message Centre (Messaging > Message Centre) must be open and running in a separate window, for the Operator(s) who have the auto-import option checked on;
  • The correct Provider is being viewed in the Message Centre (check the Title bar);
  • The Container name and path must be set in the 'Azure Container' field in Setup > Provider > Config3 (this is usually configured by Incisive)

No notification will appear that the photos have been downloaded and imported.  After starting the Message Centre, wait a few minutes for the downloads to complete then check the patient's Images tab.

If the 'Auto-import inTOUCH images' option is NOT checked on, the files will appear in the 'Ext' tab in the Message Centre and you will need to use the Save option to choose the patient and assign the image files.

If scanned documents and External Documents are displaying a message regarding ImageMan being a trial version, carry out the following steps:


1. Find and delete all copies of im8pdf.dil on the PC with the problem.  These will be in C:\Program Files\ImageMan DLL folders and possibly c:\spmwin.

2. Run the add-on installer imxPDFImport880 (2).exe  found in \\isw-nas\source\DeveloperUpdates\Imageman PDF

3. The file im8pdf.dil may also need to be copied to the program directory (normally c:\Spmwin).