Setting up new connections to Incisive inCLOUD
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 03 August 2022 05:30 PM

Instructions for connecting a workstation or device to the Incisive inCLOUD network

Step 1.  Create a RemoteApp connection to the Incisive inCLOUD servers.

Step 2. Download and install TSPrint & TSscan client applications to your workstation/device to improve your printing & scanning experience.

Step 3. (optional) Link to the 'Incisive Files' online storage location to make it easier to upload/download information.

  • For Windows
    • Request the script from the Incisive Helpdesk¬†
    • Open 'Windows Powershell' on your PC (Windows) and paste the contents of the script into Powershell
    • Press Enter to execute the command.¬† Close the window when it has completed)
      (you should now see am 'Incisive Files P:' in Windows Explorer)
  • For Apple, request assistance from the Incisive Helpdesk