Setting up new connections to Incisive inCLOUD
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 28 July 2023 08:17 AM

Instructions for connecting a workstation or device to the Incisive inCLOUD network

Step 1. Choose to use either Watchguard Authpoint app or a Watchguard passcode generator, so Incisive can enable your MFA authentication access.

Step 2. Create a RemoteApp connection to the Incisive inCLOUD servers.

Step 3. Download and install TSPrint & TSscan client applications to your workstation/device to improve your printing & scanning experience.

Step 4. (optional) Link to the 'Incisive Files' online storage location to make it easier to upload/download information.

  • For Windows
    • Request the script from the Incisive Helpdesk¬†
    • Open 'Windows Powershell' on your PC (Windows) and paste the contents of the script into Powershell
    • Press Enter to execute the command.¬† Close the window when it has completed)
      (you should now see am 'Incisive Files P:' in Windows Explorer)
  • For Apple, request assistance from the Incisive Helpdesk


The RemoteApp shortcut can be linked to a User profile which can cause problems if different people log on and use the same workstation.

Options to remediate this or provide a workaround are:

  1. Use the browser to connect to and log in using an inCLOUD login that you can authenticate.
  2. Remove the 'Remember Me' options for the logins so that you are prompted each time for an inCLOUD login and password.
  3. Use inCLOUD logins that are only used for a particular workstation/laptop
  4. Configure Control Panel > Remote App connections for each Windows login that is going to use the workstation.
    This option should allow the User's profile to connect to an inCLOUD login that may have been allocated to a person, not a workstation.