Adding a second surgeon to a hospital label
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 13 October 2022 04:57 PM

If you want to include a second surgeon or other clinicians on a worksheet label, you can either use the existing merge fields or create a pop-up input option that would allow you to manually type in the surgeon's name.

There are Merge fields for Anaesthetist and Assistant

The Primary surgeon will always be the Referring Dr., so you could use that merge field

These are the merge fields you can add to the label:

Which prints as:

Alternatively, you could construct a completely new label type and include a 'prompt' field that allows you to manually enter the name when the label is used. 

New labels are created in Setup > Labels.  Add a new field with  < >  (there is a space between the angle brackets)

Select the new label type when printing the label.  The following Input field will appear.  Manually enter in the surgeon's name.

The label will print as follows: