Installing TSPrint and TSScan client applications
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 18 August 2022 04:58 PM

Incisive recommend that if you are hosted in the system or you have your own Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) environment, you should be using TSPrint or TSScan to get an optimal experience.

You will need to install the TSPrint Client and TSScan Client applications on the local workstation/laptops so that they perform correctly.

The installation process is very simple and no additional licensing is required.

Instructions to install and configure TSPrint for SPM & PHM applications

The TSPrint guide from Terminal Works is available:

Windows -

Mac (this is a bit old)

Configure TSScan for Windows

The TSScan install file is downloaded from 

After installing, go to TerminalWorks > TSScan Client Settings in the Windows Start menu and select your default scanner

Configure TSPrint for a Mac

The TSPrint install file is downloaded from this site: 

After installing the app, check the inCLOUD → Mac printer mappings are correct.  If not, delete then choose the correct printer when printing the next time.

Delete any that are incorrect or obsolete

Print from SPM and choose the correct printer when the prompt appears.

Configure TSScan for Mac

Scanning from an Apple Mac Book