HealthOne integration requirements
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 08 June 2020 10:29 AM

An integration with the HealthOne portal allows you to access patient information held by some of the DHB's, GP's and associated care providers, directly from SPM or PHM.  Note that the HealthOne portal is only available in the South Island.

There are several things you need to configure or apply for to enable access to the HealthOne portal.

  1. Application to the Ministry of Health to connect to the Connected Health network.
    MoH SecurIT  Connected Health New Client Form
    This Form needs to be completed and sent by you directly to the Ministry of Health
    You can test whether you already have a connection to the Connected Health network by trying to open the user access page at  - if it opens you are already on the Connected Health Network

  2. The second requirement is to have a mechanism to connect your network to the Connected Health network.  (if you are already connected to the Connected Health network you can skip this step).
    All the major telcos are able to provide a product (router) to enable the connection, however we use and recommend the SecurIT product from Healthlink which costs about $100 per month.

    A signup form for HealthLink's SecurIT connected Health Service
    This Form needs to be completed and sent to Healthlink

  3. The third requirement is to apply for an Access Deed and Application Account from HealthOne.  The Access Deed is to allow you to access the records at HealthOne and a participating DHB.
    The Clinical Users and the Site needs to be approved to have the crendentials issued.

For Canterbury sites please contact Pegasus

Email:  support request to

Phone: 03 353 9990. If support agents are unavailable, calls will divert to a message service.

For non-Canterbury sites ask them to please contact:

South Canterbury

Shirley Wall []

SI Regional Trainer (PICS) 1 South Island Alliance Programme Office (SIAPO)

Level 1, 18 Woollcombe Street, Timaru, Private Bag 911, Timaru 7940 

Phone: (03) 687 2307, ext. 8307

Otago and Southland


Mary Windle.          or

Service Desk: who should forward it to her.

Phone: 0800 935 575 option 1


Kaye Hannagan ( or email


Donna Hahn, Email:

West Coast

Susan Hartigan (

Phone: 03 769-7400 extn 2485