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Online COVID screening questionnaire
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 27 October 2021 04:47 PM

From the Appointment Book, patients can be sent a SMS txt or email with a link to a questionnaire in the inFORM online application which can use to complete COVID screening questions from their phone.  Here is an example

You can, of course, include the link to the online form with your appointment reminder, which was explained in this article.  However, if you want to send the questionnaire out a number of days prior to their attendance, you can choose the Session and click on the SMS button in the Toolbar.

Video tutorial

The following link is a short (59 sec) video showing the steps to send a SMS with a link to the COVID questionnaire, then import the patient's answers so they display in their Notes

Use QuickText

To make it quicker to add the relevant text into the SMS message we recommend that you create a QuickText template in Setup > Templates > Letters.  Add the text, merge codes and URL (hyperlink) to the online form, then when you want to insert the text into the SMS message just press the F8 key and select it from the list.

The hyperlink to the COVID questionnaire can be shortened so it uses fewer characters in the SMS. can get shortened to 

inFORM online application

The inFORM web application can be used for a number of functions, including online patient registration, but for this purpose, because you already have the patient registered, it is configured just to ask the COVID screening questions.  The questions are based on those provided by the Ministry of Health, but they have been slightly modified by us.  If you want to ask different questions these can be customised for you.

Further information about the inFORM application is available from this link or you can send a request to