Send COVID questionnaire with SMS appointment reminder
Posted by Sinclair Hughes, Last modified by Sinclair Hughes on 08 October 2021 02:11 PM

Standard COVID19 screening questionnaires are able to be included with the SMS reminders that are sent to the patient just prior to the appointment. 

Examples of the standard questionnaires can be viewed using the Incisive demonstration site. Click the link or scan the QR code to view on your phone.

New Zealand

Victoria (Aus.)


This requires you to be using the Incisive inFORM application which is also used for online patient registration and PROM health questionnaires.

  1. Modify the ‘Custom Text’ section of the Session (Setup > Appointment > Session Types) and add the URL of the online form and any additional text.
    Use a URL shortener (, or contact Incisive Helpdesk) to make a shorter link.

  2. When the SMS is received the patient can tap on the hyperlink and the questionnaire is loaded into the phone’s browser.

  3. Submitted forms will be displayed in Utilities > Import > Patient (XML) or the Message Centre (if configured).

  4. The submitted form does not include any link to the appointment or patient and appears as ‘Unknown FEEDBACK’ so you need to match the patient (which is why we ask them to include their name) and also select the correct Provider.

  5. Once imported the answers to the COVID questions then appear in the patient’s Notes as ‘COVID 19 SCREENING’. If they are not visible, go to the Display button on the toolbar and ensure the option to display ‘External Documents’ is enabled and saved.

For further information contact Incisive at