Faxes are not being sent
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 08 August 2016 04:44 PM

If you are not sure that faxes are being sent, check the following:

  • Go to Utilities -> Logs -> Fax Log and see if there are any entries in the Sent or Unsent sections.  Check you have the correct date range


Technicians, you can also do the following:

  • Run Services.msc and see that the 'SPM Fax Service' is running.  If not, start it.
  • Run the Fax Service Console (faxserver.exe) and see if there are faxes being queued or sent
  • In SPM/PHM, go to Setup -> System -> File Locations and check the Fax Archive path.  Go to that path and see if there are any new files in that location.  The files are created when the fax is generated in SPM and not when they are sent.
  • In Windows Printers/Devices open the Printer Properties of SPM Fax Driver and go to the Fax Settings tab.  Check the path and file is c:\spmwin\createfaxfile.exe



  • Check the FaxLog directory and try to correlate the records in the table with the files in the Archives directory.