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Medicare response times: Possible drop in performance
Posted by Jane Hughes on 14 March 2023 02:45 PM

We have been advised of the following by

Note: Performance appears to be restored.

Please note Webservices has no official statements on any event. We have been in verbal contact with Webservice contacts who have confirmed there is an outage event but there is no email or official statement so any notification we tell you is based on our monitoring and what we can ask developer contacts.

At this time it appears that we are no longer seeing 'no response' events from Webservices which means traffic is flowing as desired. This is not a statement that the event is over, it is just reporting that we are no longer experiencing any issues communicating with Webservices at the current time.

Again, this performance drop is caused by Webservices responding with 4 different errors to valid API Calls over 3 days, not by a outage.

If you again start experiencing a drop in performance, please let us know ASAP so we can relay this to