No hospital amount to adjust allocation
Posted by Jane Hughes on 18 July 2019 09:29 AM

"No hospital amount to adjust allocation (3) of '3DIMAGE1'."

The program adjusts the subcontractor amounts, pro-rata, by the percentage increase of the ACC item. However, if you just multiply each subcontractor by a percentage and round to cents, the sum of the subcontractor amounts might be different by a few cents from the actual required total amount. If this happens, the program adjusts the HOSPITAL amount, as required, to bring things back into balance.

In this case, Stock item 3DIMAGE1 doesn't have a hospital subcontractor amount, so the program can't adjust it.

Add a hospital subcontractor and the problem should go away. If they really don't want a hospital subcontractor on this item, then add a 10c hospital amount, import and adjust the contracts, and then remove the 10c contribution.