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ACC - updating Elective Services contract prices
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 09 July 2021 09:20 AM

ACC Elective Surgery price update

If you have an Elective Surgery contract with ACC the new schedule of prices is now available to be used for your invoicing from 1st July. There is a 3.86  % increase except for HIT50A, 60A and 70A which have been repriced. KNE27 has been removed. 

There are three options you can use to update your fees:
     1. use an Incisive application to import the 2021 fees to a new category.  
     2. update the existing fees by the percentage increase (3.86% for 2021)
     3. manually change the fees

To determine the advantage of using option 1. or 2., please click here to download the import instructions and read before proceeding.  This link shows a short video of the import options and process.

The process for importing the new price file or updating existing fees is well documented in the instructions and is straight-forward, however if you are not confident performing the process please arrange with your IT provider to assist you. 

The import application (option 1.) will also allow the Non-Core prices to be updated and you can choose to apply a calculated, pro-rata 3.86% increase to the sub-contractor (surgeon, anaesthetist etc.) allocations.