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If you are experiencing drop-offs or losing connections to your remote server there are several things you can try.

  1. If you are using a wireless connection try using an ethernet cable
  2. Turn off the power-down option on the wireless or ethernet card
  3. Change the connection details on the rdp connection

The following information relates to editing the rdp file.

There is a setting in the .rdp file that can improve the latency of the connection.  If you edit the rdp file with Notepad, find the line saying "ConnectionType" and change the value to a  3  so that the line will look like "ConnectionType:i:3". 

This value effectively tells the rdp connection to be more forgiving (better latency) if there is no response from your router or the remote server and to have more retries.

Incisive recommend that if you are hosted in the system or you have your own Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) environment, you should be using TSPrint or TSScan to get an optimal experience.

You will need to install the TSPrint Client and TSScan Client applications on the local workstation/laptops so that they perform correctly.

The installation process is very simple and no additional licensing is required.

Instructions to install and configure TSPrint for SPM & PHM applications

The TSPrint guide is available:

Windows -

Mac (this is a bit old)

Instructions for connecting a workstation or device to the Incisive inCLOUD network

Step 1.  Create a RemoteApp connection to the Incisive inCLOUD servers.

Step 2. Download and install TSPrint & TSscan client applications to your workstation/device

Because of the targeting of healthcare systems and the need to further protect the Incisive inCLOUD servers from unwanted intrusion, we have applied a restriction that requires your ISP to use the NZ range of IP addresses.  

If you are connecting from outside of NZ or are using an ISP that is providing you with a non-NZ IP address, you will either need to get the ISP to provide you with a static IP (which we will add to the white-list) of use a VPN with a server based in New Zealand.

The VPN we recommend is NordVPN.

  1. Go to and choose the 'Get NordVPN' option

  2. Choose your plan

  3. Uncheck the optional extras (if you want to)

  4. Make payment and create your account
    You will be emailed your account connection details.

  5. Log in to your Dashboard and download the NordVPN client for the operating system you are using.

  6. When the NordVPN has installed and starts up, select New Zealand as the server location.

    You will see a new icon in your taskbar.

  7. When the VPN has connected, start the Incisive inCLOUD connection as usual.

If you are running SPM or PHM on the Incisive inCLOUD servers, the latest download of Remote Desktop for Mac (10.4) won't install on older versions of the MacOS (10.12 or older).  To find the version of your MacOS click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and choose 'About this Mac'

Use the installer 'Package' from the following link to install remote desktop 10.3.8 which does work on MacOS 10.12

If this is no longer available contact the Helpdesk for a copy of the .pkg file

The most usual reason is that you have made too many unsuccessful attempts to login (more than 3) and the Incisive inCLOUD system has imposed a stand-down period of 20 minutes before it will allow further attempts to log in using the same account.  The reason for the stand-down time is to dissuade unwanted hacking attempts to jack-hammer entry to your information.

The steps to try are:

  1. Do you have an internet connection?  Try using your browser and see if your usual news site loads correctly.
  2. Are you using the correct password for the login?  The last two digits on the password should match the last two digits on the login.
  3. If you are connecting from a computer that you have not done so previously, use the full login name which includes the incloud domain name as a prefix e.g. incloud\mylogin01
  4. Are you using an internet service provider (ISP) that is not using New Zealand based IP addresses e.g. StarLink?  To reduce the potential attack surface we limit access only to NZ based IP addresses.  If you are outside of NZ or not using an NZ based IP address we can provide you with information on how to establish a secure link.
  5. Try using one of your other Incisive inCLOUD logins.

If you have checked these then by now the 20 minute stand-down period has probably passed so you should try to log in again.

If you are still having problems please contact the Helpdesk.