Issues with Registering files because network shared directory not accessible when 'Run as Administrator
Posted by Jane Hughes on 18 May 2020 09:16 AM

Some sites are unable to run either the batch file to re-register the application 'As Administrator' due to restrictions on the (Windows) user account.  The shared network drive, or mapped drive is not accessible when the application or batch file is run as administrator.

If this is the case, the spm.ini file can be edited and the MDB=path can be altered to point back to the local drive as a temporary measure to enable the files to be re-registered.  It is suggested that the network path is 'remmed' out and an additional line added to point to a local path.  This then needs to be changed back.

Example of changes to SPM.ini to allow files to be registered:

rem MDB=\\servername\spmwin\data

Once registered change back as follows:

rem MDB=c:\spmwin\

Note, the paths must be valid.

An alternative to having to change the SPM.ini file each time the application needs to be updated and new files registered, or re-registered is to have a series of 'SPM.ini' files:

  • SPM.ini
  • SPM_Local.ini - contains MDB=c:\spmwin\
  • SPM_Network.ini - MDB=\\servername\spmwin\data

The batch file (ReRegister.bat) can then be altered to automatically copy the ini files to allow the registration of the program files.

Sample of ReRegister.bat

copy spm_local.ini spm.ini
DEL spm_*.txt
DEL *.manifest
RegisterBatch.exe /S
CALL RegisterSpm.bat
XpmMenu /register
copy spm_network.ini spm.ini