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Release of version 407.4 for SPM & PHM
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 01 August 2018 03:39 PM

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Non-Core code now available in ARTP Procedure Codes list
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 13 July 2018 02:32 PM
We have added a custom code called NONCORE to the ACC Procedure Codes list which is referenced when you are making a new ARTP report in SPM.

If you have already imported the updated Procedure code list for July 2018, you can repeat the process and it will reimport the list which includes the NONCORE code.
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Training: New instructional videos available.
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 10 July 2018 02:31 PM
A range of new, short instructional videos are available to show you how to best use various functions within the SPM or PHM applications.

Use the links in the Training section of the Knowledgebase in our Support Centre.
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Medicare schedule of fees - July 2018
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 29 June 2018 04:35 PM
Untitled 1

Medicare, TAC and WorkSafe (Vic) have provided an update to their rebate schedules. We have not received any notice of DVA or any of the Health Funds having updated their fee schedules yet. The full list is available on this page Health Funds update list .
We will be checking for any updates from the
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ACC Elective Surgery contract 1st July 2018 payment update
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 29 June 2018 01:46 PM
If you have an Elective Surgery contract with ACC the new schedule of prices is now available to be used for your invoicing from 1st July. There is a 1.86 percent increase.

There are three options you can use to update your fees:
     1. use an Incisive application to import the 2018 fees to a new category. 
     2. update the existing fees by the percentage increase.
     3. manually change the fees

To determine the advantage
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