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Medicare Schedule update - 1st Nov 2017
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 01 November 2017 09:19 AM

MBS effective 1 NOVEMBER 2017

Please refer to the complete MBS publication for a full list of changes.  A summary of these changes is included below.

Please note that while the importation of the Rates file (Rates.Aus) will update the Medicare table in the database, this is only used for Bulk Bill Claiming and no new invoice codes will be created or deleted.  Invoice items will not be modified or altered in any way.  New Invoice Codes will need to be made using the 'Make Codes' option on the Setup > Financial > Invoices tab, if any of the new item numbers are required for invoicing and/or online claiming (other than Medicare or DVA).  This can only be done once the new rates file has been imported (this only needs to be done once per database).


Please note that Medicare benefits are not payable for items 105 (and others) when claimed in association with an item in group T8 with a schedule fee of $300 or more.  The restriction applies when the procedure is performed by the same practitioner, on the same patient, on the same day. 

Three new attendance items (111, 117 and 120) have been listed for the use in extenuating circumstances.



Professional attendance at consulting rooms or in hospital by a specialist in the practice of his or her specialty following referral of the patient to him or her by a referring practitioner an attendance after the first attendance in a single course of treatment, if:

(a) during the attendance, the specialist determines the need to perform an operation on the patient that had not otherwise been scheduled; and

(b) the specialist subsequently performs the operation on the patient, on the same day; and

(c) the operation is a service to which an item in Group T8 applies; and

(d) the amount specified in the item in Group T8 as the fee for a service to which that item applies is $300 or more

For any particular patient, once only on the same day


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1st Sept update of Medicare and Health Funds
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 28 August 2017 10:01 AM

Medicare have added some new Item codes, which will take effect on the 1st Sept 2017.

DVA, TAC, WorkSafe (Vic) and some of the Health Funds have updated their schedule of fees to include the new items. Click here to view the full list of changes.

Download the files from  to import into the Incisive application.

To import the new Medicare items and rebate fees go to:
SPMc - Utilities > Rates
SPMi - Utilities > Import > Health Fund Rates


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Release of Update 406.0 for SPM & PHM
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 11 August 2017 08:37 AM

Update 406 is now available for both the 'Specialist Practice Manager' (SPM) and 'Private Hospital Manager' (PHM) applications.

Release Notes for SPM are available from this link.
Release Notes for PHM are available from this link.

For Australian clients there is a new connector supplied by Medicare Online which requires the update to be installed on each workstation. 

Contact the Incisive support team if you would like further information or to arrange for an update to version 406.0

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Medicare & Health Funds May 2017 Schedule of fees.
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 22 May 2017 10:31 AM

Medicare have added some new Item codes, across the range of specialties, which are to take effect on the 1st May 2017.

All of the Health Funds have updated their schedule of fees to include the new items. Click here to view the full list of changes.

To import the new Medicare items and rebate fees go to:
   SPMc - Utilities > Rates
   SPMi - Utilities > Import >  Health Fund Rates

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ACC ARTP - 1st May 2017
Posted by Sinclair Hughes on 18 May 2017 09:54 AM

This notice is for the practices that complete ARTP reports in SPM and send them to ACC or their ACC contract holder.

Updating the ACC Procedure codes 

ACC have made some changes to the Elective Surgery procedure codes that will take effect from the 1st of May 2017. Please refer to notifications from either ACC or your Lead Supplier as to the procedures that have been added and removed.

You can update SPM to use the new procedure codes by importing them from a file. Please note that as this will replace the existing list of ACC procedures the import process should only be completed after all the ARTP reports for April have been completed.

  1. Download a list of ACC procedure codes and their related MBSE codes, which have been prepared by Incisive, by clicking on this link.
    Note the location that you have saved the downloaded file to.
  2. Import the file into SPM
    SPMc - Utilities > Data Import > ARTP Procedures
    SPMi - Utilities > Import > ARTP > ARTP Procedure Codes
  3. Use the 'Set' button to find and select the ARTP_ACCwMBSE_May2017.txt file you have just downloaded.
  4. Click on Import Codes button to start the import process. Click Cancel when complete.


Surgical Priority

We are aware that ACC have sent a notification of a change made to the Surgical Priority section of the ARTP to further define the priorities to H1, H2, H3, H4 or Routine.

ACC have advised Lead Suppliers that they do not require a change from the ARTP that is produced from the SPM application. The following is an excerpt:

"We have been advised PMS software only allows the choice of High, Medium or Low. Until such time as ACC reviews the ARTP we will consider surgeries submitted with Medium or Low priority as Routine. If a request is high priority (H1, H2, H3 or H4), please choose High as you do now.

It is important that ACC understands the specific criteria relating to the ARTP’s High priority status. To assist us, please include H1, H2, H3 or H4 at the beginning of the Causal Link description on your ARTP."

Please contact ACC or your Lead Supplier for further clarification. 

Incisive are looking to make changes to the Surgical Priority options in the ARTP and make them available in a future update. 


If you have any queries please create a ticket at or send an email to

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